• A free resource for the Premium Point to Point Bus service of Metro Manila.
  • Spend less time at the bus station inhaling pollution and collecting dust.
  • Give your loved ones peace of mind and let them see you on your way.
  • Help reduce passenger congestion at P2P bus stations, specially during peak hours.
  • Stay informed, follow the latest updates, and plan your time and day accordingly.
  • For a free resource, Web App is more economical with the latest web technologies.
  • No downloads from App stores and no annoying updates, ever.
  • Web App is easier to develop and maintain.
  • Go to p2pbus.ph homepage on your mobile device Chrome or Safari browser.
  • Click on the top right menu of your browser and select Add to Home Screen to bookmark it.
  • Look for the P2P icon, like a normal App icon, on your home screen, that’s it!
  • To enjoy the features, sign-up, login and enable your GPS.
  • You don’t have to sign up to use this site, you can freely browse other resources.
  • You must sign up to use the crowdsourced feature as it only works if P2P bus riders contribute their GPS locations.
  • Members help you with their GPS location therefore help them with yours too. You will be completely anonymous to other users.
    It likely went to your spam box, check there.
    It likely went to her/his spam box, ask her/him to check there.
  • Via crowdsourcing, all logged-in users share their GPS location with the rest.
  • Data is processed to determine an estimated count of passengers at a P2P bus station.
    • Green icon: Lookin’ good, 1-30 passengers waiting at the station.
    • Yellow icon: Keep an eye on me, 30-60 passengers waiting at the station.
    • Red icon: Don’t waste your time there, 60+ passengers stuck at the station.
  • The more P2P bus commuters joining this feature, the more accurate it will be. So please help spread the word!
  • Login then go to Settings:
    • Set a new Nickname (replace the default one)
    • Set your “Location sharing” to ON
    • Set your “Location sharing period” (default is 1 hour after enabling Location sharing)
    • Send an invitation via “Share your location” to anyone you want to share your location with (up to 3 people). Your partner(s) must have an account to accept your invitations, invite her/him to join P2P bus community!
  • Once your partner accepts your invitation, your Nickname will appear on your partner’s Track map. Your partner’s Nickname will also automatically appear on your Track map.
  • Only you and your paired partner(s) can track each other.
    Your partner logged out but she/he is still sharing her/his location with you.
  • No because your device goes into power saving mode and your GPS location cannot be read.
  • If you login and keep your screen open then your partner(s) can watch you moving.
    The practice of tapping into the collective resources of humans and things, mainly via the internet, and building something useful out of it.
  • You can pay in Cash at most P2P bus stations, at the booth before boarding the bus.
  • Many routes also use a Beep Card, a load card you can purchase and top-up at the bus station too or at many other outlets such as 7-Eleven or FamilyMart stores.
  • Currently, you cannot make reservation for seats prior to boarding a P2P bus. It's on a first-come, first-served basis, but some routes are trying to implement a seat booking scheme.
  • Some routes may have a (monthly) boarding pass with Priority Seating.
  • Remember, senior citizens, pregnant women and People With Disability (PWD) always have priority before boarding the bus. Please be respectful.
    No. What happens on P2P Bus Service Planner stays on P2P Bus Service Planner.
    No. It’s a free resource to help you plan, we do not offer 100% accuracy but we do our best. The community-based and crowdsourced feature can only get better if more P2P bus commuters join. So please do your part and help spread the word.
    Absolutely! For any additions or corrections, email us.
    Just help spread the word. The more P2P bus commuters using this free resource, the more accurate it will be, guaranteed! If you enjoy this free Web App, give us at least a thumbs up on Facebook.